Should dog meat be banned?

  Have you ever eat dog meat? Dog meaty is usually eaten by Korean, especially the older people. Because of the quality of dog meat is very chewy, they use the dog meat in many food, such as dog soup and flesh of dog. Meanwhile, some European censure this culture which is eating god meat. […]

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About Me

    I’m Cheo Sang Seon from Republic of Korea. I’m 15 years old and I am a student of Korea international school in Hanoi. I am living in Hanoi for 5 years. The reason why I dwell in here is because of father’s work. When he said that we emigrate to Hanoi, I really […]

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The Salt Merchant and His Ass

The peddler drove the Ass to the seashore to buy salt. While traveling, the pitiful, pathetic, piteous Ass stumbled in the stream by accident. The Ass wailed loudly like a lion roars. Surprisingly, however, he suddenly felt the load was lighter than before. He stopped crying immediately and shouted, “Eureka!” Meanwhile, the peddler retraced to […]

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